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Greetings, We have moved from being a locally based Radio station in Samoa, to the worldwide, through online radio streaming, reaching a wider audience from any corners of the earth through technology. Thank to the Work of the Holy Spirit.

In 2014, with limited funding available, we started researching technology that would fulfill the VISION & MISSION, that is: “To Reach Out to the Whole World, for Christ”. We found that in Opensource Software and so Our development team started ongoing developing, testing and maintenance, as a result, the website was born, then integration with social media, and livestream service came to life. So through 2014 to 2019, we have been building the foundation, and are still working constantly from time to time, to innovate, build and maintain, so we can utilize every opportunity technology offers, to REACH OUT through our Radio programming. Our Radio Streaming can be access through our website, and we have also developed a plugin ( javascript ), that our streaming can be integrated to any website.

And in this year 2019, we are developing an app for ANDROID, then APPLE IOS, for the streaming radio live from our main office at VAITELE, straight into your home, you phone, in the swipe of you fingers.


All these innovations and developments need Financial assistance, to take care of website hosting, streaming server, domain names, development tools, resources,etc.., so when you plant a seed by giving into this ministry, you are not only helping us reaching out the WORD to the world, but it will come back to you as a blessing on the principle of giving and receiving.

Faafetai faafetai tele lava…

May God Richly bless the hand that giveth to this ministry.
Your seed will help us in a lot of ways.

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